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Causses Cévennes

Vacation in the Gorges du Tarn, Causses & Cevennes

Swallow - hirundo rustica



Hirondelle de cheminée / rustique, boerenzwaluw, swallow, Rauchchwalbe, hirundo rustica, Ladusvala, rondine, golondrina comunu.  

The commonest hirundine of the region, easily told by chestnut throat and forehead; adult has long tail streamers, but juvenile has shorter fork.

Small slender short-necked aerial bird, with long wings and conspicuous white spots under forked tail.
Short flattened bill wil wide gape; wings relatively shorter than swifts. Flight graceful, often fast. Gregarious, often feeding over fresh water.

Song and call notes both rather feeble and twittering; most frequent call is twittering; alarm note a shrill 'tsink, tsink'; pleasant twittering song: 'feetafeet, feetafeet'

Breeds on inland and sea cliffs and buildings, sometimes in towns. 5 3/4 in.top