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Little owl - Athene noctua

chouette chevêche apportantson proie au nid

chouette chevêche surveillant son territoirechouette avec proiejeune sortant du nid

chouette chevêche,  Athene noctua, little owl, steinkauz, steenuil, minervauggla, civetta, mochuelo.

Its partly diurnal habits make this the most familiar of the six smaller owls of the region, short tail and conspicuously bounding flight.

Call a loud ringing ‘kiew, kiew’, habitually uttered by day ; song remarkably like opening sequence of Curlew’s song.

Juvenile has a shrill persistent wheeze. Often perches on posts and other prominent lookouts ; bobs, waggles head, and may turn it through 180° when curious or suspicious.
Often flies by night, and hovers for insects in dusk. 8 ½ inch