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Causses & Cévennes - sud Massif Central

Causses Cévennes

Vacation in the Gorges du Tarn, Causses & Cevennes

Hedgehog - Erinaceus europaeus

Erinaceus europaeus


Brown insectivore of 8 3/4 in length with grey quills, a special kind of hair except at head, belly and paws.

Nocturnal; Eating fruit, snails, worms, little vertebrates, eggs, little birds;
full of insects himself like fleas, ticks and others.

Call an occasional shrill whistle; also sights, grunts and snuffles.

Habitat: open woodland, hedgerows, gardens, or other cultivated areas; usually active at dusk.

Hibernates among dead vegetation. Makes a lair with two ways out were she litters 3 to 10 cubs with soft white quills.top
Victim of traffic, cats, foxes, wild boars, and birds of prey.