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Causses Cévennes

Vacation in the Gorges du Tarn, Causses & Cevennes

Griffon vulture - gyps vulvus

gyps vulvus
Des parents heureux d'un jeune de 10 jours au dessus du Rozier vol majestueux

Le vautour fauve,  griffon vulture, gyps vulvus , Gänsegeier, de vale gier, gäsgam, grifone, buitre comon.

 The only large pale coloured vulture, with dark wing and tail feathers in marked contrast. Length 38 1/2  - 41 inch
Head and neck covered whith white down, with a creamy-white ruff at the base but this not easily visible.
Immature darker and more rufous. Can make a variety of grunting, hissing and whistling sounds of little significance for identification.

Usually seen soaring at a considerable height. Flight outline 'like a teatray' in the sky, the wings parallel-sided, then broadly rounded with splayed primaries and a horizontal pale mark on underside; tail very short,squared.

Very fond of the rocky area of the gorges de la Jonte and Tarn and the big Causses, breeding on cliff  ledges, and generally roosting on rocks or crags.
Takes precedence at carcasses over Egyption Vulture but is dominated by Black Vulture.

call: grunting and whistling noises in breeding season only.

Habitat mountains, wide ranging, nests socially on rock ledges.

The Vulture house in the Gorges de la Jonte :   www.vautours-lozere.com/