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  Tai-chi-chuan courses in the Cevennes 

Mouvement International de Tai Chi Chuan

      MITCC Cévennes

Didier Calistri invites you in la Ponge,
for ludic health exercises in calm, in the middle of 360° nature 

courses and training courses based on :  

  • taoists exercises ( a serie of movements to warm up your 
    articulations and to open up the body.),
  • Qi gong excercises, the Form (a flexible and stylized 
    sequence of movements based on a sequence of martial 
    applications, but carried out slowly.)
  • and an approach of Tui Shou
    (exercises for 2 persons). 
Presentation of  MITCCC  
The association MITCCC est adhérante au MITCC
International de
Tai Chi Chuan 
La Ponge, an ideal spot, nearby, ‘le Lavadou’ , the garden  
surrounded by 360° of nature, for practicing health-excercises. 

The association MITCC-Cévennes was created in 2000 with the  intention of developping courses of  tai chi chuan in the 
Cevennes and is a member of the national movement MITCC

ouvement International de Tai Chi Chuan ). 
See the charter of the MITCC (french).


Didier Calistri graduated at the french Tai Chi Chuan Federation in 2000.
Born in the Cevennes and previously resident of the New Hebrides  (Vanuatu today), his natural environment used to be the south-east of Asia. Whether it was in the center of old-Signapour, the Koolong district of Hong-Kong or in Shanghai at the Bound ;
at daybreak there was an old man  surrounded by a group of people (of which I made part of) copying the gestures of the old man. 
The man seemed centenary, but was of an incredible agility.

The virtues of Tai-Chi-Chuan were spread out under my eyes. In the Seventies, Tai-Chi-Chuan was still rather confidential, but I kept the desire to know a bit more about it.

Back in France at the end of the 80s, I attented several years the training-courses of Master Chu King Hung. After more than 15 years of continuous practice within the EFPM organisation, after having met Denis Felus, enables me to realize today that the start to autonomy for everyone is quite real

Tai chi  Course 2018

Course 'Internal energy' : 4 days from the 17th of July till 20 July

Cost : 280 €

Offered Services
The place and schedule of the courses can jointly be defined according to the availabilities of each one. The courses can be exempted in English, French or Italian.

Tai chi a la carte in 2018
From the 1st of May till 1st of November, a 7 months season to practise Tai Chi Chuan when it suits you….

- you can choose the moment that please you for a trainingcours of 4 days,
  an weekend or a single day, the method of 'tai chi a la carte' is very simple
- Don't hesitate to determine yourself the date and length of your cours.

After an exchange per email to agree the availabilty, you confirm your booking by sending a deposit of 25% . 




Lodging :

For lodgings in the sector please see : index tourism

It is possible for 3 to 4 participants to saty our house, full board : 50 €/day.

Thuss a total fee for the course and full board pension of 120 € per day/person.

For paticipants without a car;
possibility to be taken at Alès railwaystation (50 € round-trip)

Camping near the house
is possible and 
free for participants.

   A bientôt...                    

Contact :

Association MITCCC
Didier Calistri
La Ponge
F-48240 Saint Frezal de Ventalon
phone 00 33 (0)4 66 45 58 66 
gsm 00 33 (0)6 743 82 743





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