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Carrière de Galta

48370 Saint Germain de Calberte
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The Traditional architecture in the Cevennes is purely based on natural materials extracted on the spot namely chestnut-wood and slatestone.
That's why the cévenole architecture in her total design forms a perfect harmony with  nature and even makes really part of it... 

The slatestone-quarry Galta is a unic vein in it's genre. The faint gradient and the good constitution of it's strata makes it possible to extract stones of very big dimensions.
These slatestones are particular appreciated as roof-borders (égoutiers), lintels,  monumental tables, bancs for outside and even gravestones.

Since the National Parc is created  the respect for traditional roofing has gained popularity, eversince you can see more and more beautiful shiny slate-stone roofs.

A repared or remade roof with this quality of slatestone is durable and harmonizes pefectly with the surroundings; even after a very long time it keeps its original aspect.
Galta's schiste is a particular  because it's without
pyrite and the risk to rust.
Slatestone roof
Natural stone never tires
Slatestones also are very suitable  floor-tiles;  for inside and outside, for a good-looking floor, stairs, terraces etc. 
In compliance with your taste you can choose irregular natural forms or symmetric grinded forms like square rectangular or hexagonal.

This noble nice material honours in every respect the patrimony, used since centuries. Slatestone never disappoints, it is a very robust material, easy to upkeep and satisfying to live on ! Contact us for information, welcome to visit the exposition of our products at the quarry.
Monolithe bancs, tables or other at command

Commercial service : Carmen Lechapt
At your disposal from 8 to 12  am  and 1H30 to 6 pm         
every day of the week except Wednesday   

  • round lauzes
  • square lauzes
  • ogiveslauzes
  • rectangular cam-'lauzes'
  • border-roof lauzes of big              dimensions (égoutiers)

    For inside and outside floors:
  • Opus incertum (bars), irregular natural  slatestone tiles

Tables, bancs, gravestones and other    personalized products on command.

Grinded (floor) -tiles:
  • Opus en bande, irregular forms with   grinded sides
  • dalles carrées: square tiles ( tomettes)
  • rectangular tiles (dalles rectangulaires)
  • hexagonal tiles

    For construction works
  • encadrement de fenêtre: door- and    window-frames
  • lintelsdebut
  • building stones (pierres à bâtir du pays)

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